Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thanks for tuning in.  I'm a blog virgin, so go easy on me.  Decided to experimentally start this up based on feedback from nice, normal, supportive people in my life.....why should some sociopath born the year I graduated high school own the rights to all my blather?  So I'm opting to transfer a good deal of my social network related narcissism to this format.  We'll see.

Where to begin?  The quest for connection.  That's how I got sucked down the FB rabbit one wants to discuss the endorphin rush you get when someone "likes" your status or your videos that seem oh so meaningful after that 3rd glass of wine.  But if there's something people don't want to talk about regarding interpersonal dynamics, rest assured, I want to talk about it.  A LOT.  FB brought a lot of great people back into my life....but are they really back in my life? What does a Facebook "friendship" represent, if anything? My job brings me in contact with hundreds of people a day but it is a lonely lifestyle, really.  It's a great job that I'm lucky to have, but it makes it difficult to connect with people on a regular basis....enough to really satisfy one's soul.  Attempts to establish bonds with people not in my industry here in Chicago have been filled with highs and lows, the highs coming from Team Vagina.  Team Dick has really been living up to their moniker.  Not going all man hater on you but I'm been overwhelmed by some recent acts of extreme douchebaggery from Dudeland.

Not sure sitting around writing this is going to solve a damn thing, but I'm snowbound and sick to death of watching news coverage of weather related hysteria. 

Blog cherry popped.  Watch this space for future nonsense.  Comments/questions/concerns welcomed.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Finally, one who is fabulously witty and equally snarky to write my nonsense :)